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Most Rated Tech Agencies by Journalists

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Wondering how to choose an agency? Not sure if the agency or agencies you are considering - or even already have in place - have the necessary relationships with the journalists? 


How can you cut past the pitches, proposals and handshakes to discover which agency can actually deliver the technology trade coverage you are looking for?

Well thankfully, PRWeek has done the hard work for you!

Teaming up with independent research house, ICM Research, and using the FeaturesExec Media Database, PRWeek approached 1,400 technology journalists from print, broadcast and online media at national, regional and specialist titles.

They were asked to rate and rank the top 30 agencies in technology according to four key attributes of quality of stories, quality of briefings, accessibility and friendliness. 

The PRWeek team then aggregated the scores to determine a final league table of the top ten agencies, according to the UK technology journalists themselves.

To see who was ranked where, download the full report through the form on the right


Why would I be interested?

This report will be useful to you if you are either:

a) A B2B tech brand considering bringing in a PR agency, perhaps for the first time, and are looking for guidance on who to choose...


b) You currently have a PR agency in place and are curious as to how they perform compared to others in the industry.

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